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Land Law in Hong Kong – Fourth Edition
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Negotiating Key Landlord and Tenant Lease Provisions
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General information on Government rent Government Rent Background Privately owned land in Hong Kong is normally held from the Government by way of a ‘land grant’ known as a Government lease (formerly called a Crown lease) under which a rent is payable.
Negotiating Key Landlord and Tenant Lease Provisions
★ Leasehold estate – landlord–tenant law .. Info
Leasehold estate Rental property is entitled to ownership of a temporary right to land or property in which the tenant or lessee has the rights to real property for some form of title from a lessor or landlord. Although the tenant has rights to immovable property, rental
Negotiating Key Landlord and Tenant Lease Provisions
Leasehold reforms – an overdue shakeup
Leasehold reform has been in the pipeline a long time, but Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced last week that those reforms are now to be introduced. The changes will mean that leasehold owners of both houses and flats can now extend their leases by 990 years at zero ground rent.
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The additional/hidden costs of leasehold properties

As well as the usual outgoings associated with owning a property, owners of leasehold properties are subject to additional, sometimes hidden, costs which can involve significant sums. The most obvious is the payment of ground rent, which can increase if the lease contains rent review provisions.
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Leasehold Enfranchisement Attendees
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County court: restricting sunlight to a tenant’s flat …

The right for leaseholders to take over the management of their buildings was introduced under the 2002 Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act. Where the RTM has been exercised, a RTM company takes over management functions such as services, repairs, maintenance and improvements, and the landlord is no longer entitled to carry out these functions without the agreement of the RTM company.
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Government confirms ban on majority of new-build …

However, of the 4.2 million residential leasehold properties recorded in England in 2015-16, only 2.9m were leasehold flats, according to government figures. The consultation confirms that the government will introduce legislation prohibiting the use of leasehold in new-build houses other than in exceptional circumstances, backdated to 21 December 2017.
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Landlords’ competing interests
Many leasehold properties contain a mechanism permitting lessees to enforce covenants directly against each other. This particular property did not. Instead, each lease included a provision that permitted the leaseholder to provide an indemnity to the Landlord, who would enforce covenants on …
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The hidden administration costs on Leasehold …

Buying a leasehold does mean you pay an annual service charge and maybe a ground rent, but in terms of initial affordability, leasehold properties can be appealing. However, when it comes to buying or selling a leasehold property, the administrative costs involved can be higher than you may expect.
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Understanding the types of ownership
A leasehold interest in the particular area and building that you occupy. These leases are usually for 999 years for a nominal rent like 10 cents per annum (which is usually not demanded to be paid). A cross lease title will include a plan showing the footprint of the building you are entitled to occupy, called the flats plan (older cross lease titles may not supply one).
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Our Land Law Core Guide is a detailed set of notes for the LLB undergraduate course. Our notes explain core land and property law concepts with clear and helpful methods such as flowcharts, case
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Leasehold estate — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

Leasehold estate. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. A periodic tenancy, also known as a tenancy from year to year, month to month, or week to week, is an estate that exists for some period of time determined by the term of the payment of rent.An oral lease
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Employment Law Update – Non Competition Clauses: Non-competition clauses are often found in employment contracts and are known as restrictive covenants. A non-competition restriction prevents an employee from working for a competitor for a certain time
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Derogation from grant
Derogation from grant – Designing Buildings Wiki – Share your construction industry knowledge. Derogation from grant is an obligation that is automatically implied into leases and is typically referred to in the context of landlord and tenant agreements.
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